Mailo Pro: sovereign Mail & Cloud at the heart of your business
Mailo Pro is a comprehensive mail service for VSEs & SMEs. It is based on a sovereign platform which respects your privacy.
Mailo Pro, a comprehensive service
Office suite
Customer service
Discover all the features
The benefits of Mailo Pro
A flexible and modular offer
With the Pro packs, size your solution according to the number of accounts and the storage capacity you need.
The domain name of your choice
Customize your professional e-mail addresses with your own domain names, or purchase a domain name on Mailo (starting from €12.50 excl. tax per year) if you do not have one yet.
A complete migration
You keep your existing e-mail addresses. Your e-mails, address books and calendars are safely imported on Mailo Pro.
A centralized management
Manage all of your team's accounts (e-mail addresses, aliases, storage spaces, backups, exchanges and shares) through an ergonomic and easy-to-use interface.
With the Pro packs, size your solution precisely:
  • The number of accounts you need
  • The Mail&Cloud storage capacity you need

The storage capacity is shared between all your accounts.

At any time and at no cost, you can resize your Pro pack in 2 clicks and its expiry date is automatically recalculated.

Pro Start
Up to 2 accounts
50 GB storage
€2.50 excl. tax
€3.00 with taxmonthly price for a duration of 1 to 5 year
Pro 5
Up to 5 accounts
100 GB storage
€6.00 excl. tax
€7.20 with taxmonthly price for a duration of 1 to 5 year
Pro Modulo
From 10 to 2000 accounts
From 100 GB to 2 TB storage
€12.00 excl. tax per 10-account module
€3.00 excl. tax per 100 GB module
monthly price for a duration of 1 to 5 year
Mailo Pro's commitment
Mailo Pro respects your privacy and preserves our digital sovereignty.
Secure servers in France
Your data is saved and secured on the French territory.
Utmost respect of private data
We do not exploit, resell or read your messages.
20 years of expertise in mail and cloud
A proven technology, put into practice for 20 years.
Get a priority hotline
Take advantage of dedicated support at to assist you while setting up and using the service.
Access  Mailo with its iOS and Android apps.